Winter Wellness Wisdom


Ready to excel with your health—one insight at a time?

We’ve intentionally crafted a tongue twister of a heading, to remind you not to twist yourself into bad shape during the cool months of winter. As we accelerate into the icy outdoors, it’s important to keep your health and wellness top of mind.

Based on our direct client experience, feedback and what we see week to week, we’ve put together five key tips to turn winter into an opportunity for more wellness and less worry. Here’s how:

Excel insight #1
Step into the City2Surf … by planning ahead.

Two years have flown by and the City2Surf is back with fitness enthusiasts hitting the tarmac on Sunday 14 August. It’s exciting to see this wonderful event back in action, and at the same time we experience a diversity of running injuries around this time. It’s therefore important to approach your winter fitness regime with a solid plan in mind.

This means earmarking a goal in your calendar (such as the City2Surf or another exercise ambition) and then breaking down this achievement into smaller and carefully crafted milestones of training, wellness, physio and health. A physio consultation at the start of your training regime is the perfect way to ensure your winter is one filled with the right routine and mindset to train, rather than being in a world of pain.

Excel insight #2
Warm-up properly.

Every single training session and exercise program you do—in person at Excel physio or on your own—should start with an adequate warm-up. During these winter months, our bodies need a bit more time to acclimatise. Treat the pre-training process as vital! Studies have found that a proper warm-up followed in the lead up to a sporting session can significantly reduce the risk of injury, so it’s not something to be rushed.

We often see clients hurtling themselves into new activities, sporting commitments or gruelling exercises, without taking a step back to consider what their body needs to function at its best. Take the icy chills of the morning (or the evening) as a cue to slow down and to warm-up. Exercises can include jump rope, push-ups, running on the spot and stretching. Add a healthy dose of pre-training techniques to your next warm-up—in order to set your winter wellness on fire.

Excel insight #3
In winter, think water. Hydration is your best friend.

Forgetting to drink (water!) throughout the day? It’s very easily done. During these cool months, it’s best to avoid the fizzy drinks and keep well hydrated with fresh cups of water every few hours. As our physios will highlight to you in your Excel appointments, water is an incredible fuel to power your body end-to-end.

Another secret Excel physio tip? If you’re not a fan of cold or chilled water, try drinking a hot (or diluted) cup of peppermint or green tea as the perfect way to stay refreshed, focused and supercharged to face your daily ‘to-do’ list. Switching cold water to warm (or lukewarm) can do wonders for upping the intake on liquids.

Excel insight #4
Re-energise and rejuvenate with sleep.

Wanting to snuggle up on the couch in the cold? We hear you. There’s nothing like being toasty and cosy when the cold air is blustering about. So, take advantage of these winter months, when the temptation to sleep more is there. Whether it’s getting to bed earlier or carving out time to have power naps throughout the day, proper sleep can do wonders for your body, mind and overall wellbeing.

If you’re dealing with any injuries or having physio to treat certain conditions, the ability to rest your body is of supreme importance. It can enable you to re-energise and rejuvenate throughout the night, so that by morning you are ready to put your best fitness foot forward in tackling your next goal. Hop into bed that half an hour earlier if you can, grab a good book, pour yourself a mug of tea, and settle into the incredible power of sleep and a well-rested outlook.

Excel insight #5
Stay connected … with a robust routine.

As we continue to emerge out of COVID-19, we hear from many clients how much they are enjoying the opportunity to reconnect with everyone. The best way to do this is to establish a routine—especially in winter when many can tend to hibernate and isolate.Booked into a yoga or pilates class? Scheduled in your regular physio appointment? Or ready to treat yourself to a therapeutic massage?

At Excel, we see first-hand the diversity of benefits when our clients lock in any of the above. By having a robust routine, it can help one stay linked to a network of friends, advisors and consultants. We are proud at Excel to have built a thriving community of physio and wellness support for our valued clients and their friends and family.

What’s next this winter?
Get traction, with action.

Use our five practical tips and insights to tackle the tricky winter terrain and you’ll be set for a healthy outlook and focused mindset.

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