Understanding Lateral Hip Pain (Also Known as Gluteal Tendinopathy)


Pain over the side of the hip is commonly due to a condition affecting the local soft tissues at the greater trochanter (the prominent bony bump at the side of the hip). The primary pathology is tendinopathy of the glute medius and/or minimus…

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A Closer Look at Your Headaches and What Could Be Causing Them


Most of us have experienced headache at some time or another. Headaches may be treated either with a painkiller or rest, but occasionally they linger, and it can cause great frustration. Headaches can be quite debilitating, and probably quite annoying, affecting our ability…

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My 5 Top Reasons for Being a Physiotherapist


Excel’s new Senior Physio, Laura Lee, is experienced in treating headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, musculoskeletal conditions and post-operative conditions. In this article, she shares her five top reasons for being a Physiotherapist. You can also learn more about Laura here. Seeing…

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The Science of Muscle Medicine


I’ve often thought that the human body is like a machine, albeit the most intelligent and technologically advanced machine ever created. Think of all common everyday machines, such as cars, printers, and computers. Our human body works in very much the same way,…

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Being Your Best Self in Your 50’s


I’ve just turned 50! While most dread the day they get a year older, I must say that I don’t. At 50, I feel great and look forward to becoming a better version of myself every year! I have always been an advocate…

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Healing With Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is considered to be the oldest form of healing practice. The oldest written records points to China as its origin. And now, during these modern times, the practice of hands-on manipulation has grown to be accepted and performed by physicians and…

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