The Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Physiotherapist by Wyatt Raymond


by Wyatt Raymond

Hi, my name is Wyatt Raymond. I’m a physiotherapist who graduated from James Cook University in Queensland with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Since graduating I have spent time in private hospitals and private practice, providing holistic, empathetic care and rehabilitation to my patients.

I’m also a member of the National Rugby League (NRL) as a full time referee. During my time with the NRL, I’ve worked as Team Physiotherapist, providing pre and post match training, elite performance training and recovery physiotherapy. I’m very hard working and highly motivated to assist my patients in achieving their goals and here’s my top 5 reasons for choosing my profession:

1) The ability to empower another human being and meaningfully educate
There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling helpless in situations where our own bodies are experiencing difficulties with the way they move and/or function. This is where we as physiotherapists have a window of opportunity to make a significant difference in the way clients perceive, consider and rehabilitate their own bodies. We do this through meaningful education and empowering people to be the most important individual in their rehabilitative journey.

2) Facilitating positive change in daily lives
When clients come to physiotherapy, majority of the time they are on a quest for change, seeking a positive difference to be made in what they’re experiencing in terms of pain and discomfort.
physiotherapists have a huge scope to allow them to facilitate these changes both on a superficial and deep level but also in the short and long term depending on the case presentation. This factor alone makes it quite exciting to practice in the field of physiotherapy.

3) Opportunity to meet and understand a vast array of people
There’s nothing more interesting in life than listening to the experiences and stories people have to tell from all ends of the earth. With different sports, hobbies and jobs comes a vast array of injuries, meaning all types of people walk through the clinic doors. There is much to be learnt even from general conversations with people and the idea that I get to continuously meet and interact with new people is a unique opportunity that I’m grateful for.

4) Transferable skills that I can apply in my own professional sporting career 
In my full-time role as a National Rugby League (NRL) Referee, I train and operate in an elite high performance environment week-in week-out. What I have learnt and absorbed throughout my journey as a physiotherapist thus far has been instrumental in my development as an athlete when it comes to physical health, recovery and injury prevention.

5) Love seeing people smile and bringing about happiness
I strongly believe that where there’s a smile there’s hope, and where there’s hope there can be happiness. On the back of the above, when someone is educated and empowered in their own circumstances, they can see that positive change is achievable and when a difference is made, people begin to feel good within themselves. A smile can be the biggest outcome measure of this, so when physio’s achieve it, most of the time they’ve done their job.

I’m available at Excel on Tuesday’s from 10am-7pm. I look forward to meeting you.