The Top 5 Reasons I love being a Physio by James Konstantakopoulos


Hi, my name is James Konstantakopoulos. I am a physiotherapist who graduated from the Australian Catholic University in 2018. This is my second year in private practice, where I continue to develop my manual therapy skills, clinical reasoning and ongoing cooperative care skills. I have an empathetic and understanding nature and a real passion for managing musculoskeletal conditions and helping patients understand their injuries and achieve their goals.

During my time at university I completed placements in orthopaedics, musculoskeletal physiotherapy and hand specialist clinics. Whilst completing my degree, I worked with sporting teams such as the APIA Leichhardt Tigers Seniors in the NSWPL1 which exposed me to sporting injuries, rehabilitation processes and on field management of acute injuries. I was with the club for 2 years and enjoyed success winning a championship, beating Melbourne Victory in an FFA Cup clash and dealing with current and ex A-League players. Prior to this I worked as a youth physiotherapist for Sydney Olympic Football Club where I was exposed to numerous youth injuries and adolescent conditions, on field management and first aid.

It isn’t easy picking a profession from a young age, fresh out of high school with a whole window of opportunity and freedom to steer your career in any way you choose to do so. Physiotherapy stood out to me and here’s why:

1)   The ability to be an effective educator

The thing I love most about being a physiotherapist is my ability to teach and educate other people. I love showing patients exercises and empowering them to be active in their own rehabilitation and recovery. I encourage them to understand what is occurring, understand what is required to recover from and prevent injuries from re-occurring AND make sure it is a long term outcome.

2)  Being a pioneer of change

  • Often I find that musculoskeletal conditions are not as simple as “back pain” yet a myriad of causes and biomechanical concerns that are involved. What I love is treating the biomechanics which manifest the condition and allowing the patient to understand what and why it is occurring. As well, giving the patient the confidence and motivation to be the pioneer of their own change by setting their own goals and being proactive if situations such as pain and injury occur again.

3)   It’s not a 9-5 desk job

  • It’s no regular desk job. Every patient is different, a different personality and a different injury/condition. I love the variety of people I meet and converse with, it keeps me curious and also prevents me from being simple and systematic. Every patient and condition is different and complex in their own way, we co-exist with people’s emotions and physical natures.

4)   Ongoing education and requirements to practice

  • You are always learning. Growing up I was a very curious person, always reading and asking lots of questions. Physiotherapy is a profession full of curiosity and questioning due to its evidence based approach. There is new evidence emerging everyday with lots of new ideas and approaches. As a physiotherapist you know that what may work for some patients may not work for others so we stay flexible and adaptable. Every condition is unique and not black and white. Ongoing learning challenges the profession and those advocating it like myself to remain on top of the literature and deliver patient and evidence based care to all our patients.

5)   The variety of conditions that we treat

  • In private practice, there are a variety of patients and conditions that we see and treat which always keeps the day interesting. You could treat numerous back pain patients in a row and then suddenly have to switch to returning a patient to sport from ACL injury or teaching a patient to weight bear after a surgery. The variety not only breaks up the day but also keeps it interesting and exciting.

I love meeting new patients, helping them to heal from injuries and pain and achieve their health and fitness goals. I’m available Monday-Friday at the practice and look forward to treating you.