The Benefits of Regular Massage


Massage Therapy has always been a part of our core service at Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness. Research supports the use of massage as a treatment for stress reduction, anxiety and chronic lower back pain. Massage can help to relieve stiff and aching muscles, help with recovery from sports and overtraining and give you that much needed ‘time out’ from your busy schedule.

Our massage room is a quiet and peaceful space. Our Massage Therapist Thiago is warm and welcoming. Thiago uses a holistic approach in his treatments to promote your body’s own healing. He believes touch is one of the best ways to reconnect the health of the mind and the body. He applies both soft and deep tissue massage techniques which help to relieve muscle tightness and fatigue, calming the nervous system and relaxing your body.
Massage therapy may boost circulation of blood and oxygen and increase your range of motion, lessening pain and discomfort. Post injury recovery, it’s an ideal complement to your physiotherapy treatment plan.

Whether your massage is geared towards rehabilitation or relaxation, you may experience a wide range of benefits. These include reduced muscle tension, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and a greater sense of healing and wellbeing.

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