Summer secrets to staying well


Five tips for a tremendous 2023

The start of the year is always a great opportunity to reset, refocus and rethink your health and wellness. Rather than locking yourself in to New Year resolutions, there are ways we can think about tackling next steps gradually and consistently throughout the coming weeks.

Now that it’s February and motivation may be waning, here are some simple secrets to staying well as the months hurtle ahead:

#1 Train safely  
Remember to warm up properly  

As you step into regular exercise again, make sure that you are following the right technique and processes. It’s all about form and ensuring that you are warming up before rigorous activity, and that you are listening to your body and what it needs.

Too often, we see the impact of people rushing into ‘new’ training or sporting activities, without building up to them. Take the time to pause and slow down when it comes to diving into fitness. By training safely and properly, you can minimise the chance of accidents or injuries.

#2 Eat well   
Fuel your body with the right nutrients  

How did your holiday break go? We know that at this time of year, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going on healthy eating. As you ease back to fitness and wellness, keep a list of key ingredients you want to consume, top of mind. Write them down or have them handy so you can make informed decisions throughout the day.

By fuelling your body with nourishing nutrients, you will be well on track in no time to building strength, resilience and overall wellness. We know and understand how challenging it can be to keep on top of one’s healthy eating, but by making small changes each week, you can set yourself up for fitness success. This is your year to excel.

#3 Exercise regularly
What you need to know         

Time to incorporate new exercises into your schedule? Driving consistency is key in order to experience the maximum gains end-to-end. Whether you are building on a previous training regime or wanting to try a new activity, exercise can unlock a myriad of marvellous benefits – for your body, soul and mind. It’s fantastic to see how short bursts of exercise can provide immediate benefits and more energy.

At Excel, we love working with our clients to drive their health and wellness goals. From Pilates to Yoga and more, we provide a range of ways for you to start exercising more regularly. Check out our classes to see what might work for you.

#4 Focus on physio   
Well get you back to feeling great, in no time at all

At Excel, we’re always focused on helping you turn-around long-standing problems so that you can get back on track with where you need to be. Across all areas of injury treatment, recurrent pain and recovery from surgery, we’re with you at every milestone – helping you to feel better and stronger as quickly as possible.

As the year accelerates, we can help devise a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are currently experiencing an injury or pain issue, or when one arises, we can help you with our diverse treatments and solutions. From injuries on the sports field or at the gym, right through to at your place of work or as the result of bad posture, our talented team of physiotherapists can help you get the most out of your life.

#5 Excel in the New Year    
Make sure your workstation is properly set up           

As emails and demands start to rise, make sure that your workstation is working for you. There’s nothing worse than working hard throughout the day, only to end up with pain issues from a non-ideal set-up.

To prevent injury or re-injury, we can also provide ergonomic assessments to explore how you can best approach the working day. Set yourself up for workplace success and productivity by ensuring you are aligning to best practice techniques, with the right posture.

Thank you to our wonderful Excel community
There we have it! Five ways for you to activate the New Year with a focus on physiotherapy and your overall wellness. See what works for you and please reach out with any questions or queries to our dedicated team.

We also want to take this time to thank you all for your incredible and on-going support as

2023 unfolds. We’re looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your magnificent milestones.

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