Stay well during COVID-19 with NEW online Yoga and Pilates classes


Dear Excel community,

It’s a challenging time as we hear that many of you have been stood down or lost your jobs, for others working from home is now the new norm. We are being asked to adapt, be flexible and to embrace uncertainty like never before. As human beings, we are constantly searching for ground, a sense of stability and certainty. Without our routines, we can easily slip into un-resourceful patterns of overthinking which create fear and anxiety, reducing our immune function.

COVID-19 looks to change the way we operate for some time to come. It is important to except the things we cannot control and work within our new circumstances. We’ve put together some ideas below around the things that we can control that will enhance our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing at this challenging time.

What we put in our bodies – lemons, blueberries, pineapple, garlic, onion, ginger and turmeric all have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Warm herbal teas and warm, cooked, easily digested food has a effect on our nervous systems.

What we put on our bodies – warm organic sesame oil massaged into your skin before a hot shower is a lovely way to protect your skins barrier and stay hydrated. Sesame oil is high in antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial properties.

What time we go to bed and rise – with the days becoming shorter and cooler, it’s a great time to take more sleep. Sleep is the number one contributor to a healthy immune system. Autumn is when nature naturally slows down and withdraws her energy. Moving within the rhythm of nature can greatly enhance our mood and wellbeing. No matter the outside circumstances, we can choose to create a sense of comfort, peacefulness and reflection within.

Expressing gratitude – even though things may not be the way we want them to be right now, there is still plenty to be immensely grateful for. A hot shower. Delicious meals delivered right to your door. A loving pet. A great book to read. Putting aside a few moments each day to deeply feel into gratitude can switch our minds from stress/fear into gratitude/love. A daily gratitude practice is also proven to boost our immune system.

Meditating – just a few moments each day of sitting with our breath, observing our bodies and watching our thoughts can provide us insight into knowing what is best for us here in the present moment.

Online Yoga and Pilates Classes

To help our community stay connected, we are looking to provide online Yoga and mat Pilates classes through Zoom.


Our proposed schedule is below:


Yoga                                                                                       Pilates


$10 per class (50 mins)                                                          $15 per class (50 mins)

Monday 12pm and 6pm                                                          Tuesday 12pm and 6pm

Wednesday 12pm and 6pm                                                   Thursday 12pm and 6pm


Please register your interest by sending an email to with the subject line being your preferred day/times.

We remain open for one-to-one Physiotherapy appointments. Click here to book your preferred time or give us a call on 1300 650 510 if you prefer a chat, we are here for you and to assist you through this challenging time.




Brooke Lucas

Practice Manager/Yoga Teacher