Smartphone Health Hazards and How to Avoid Them


Everyone’s almost always holding on to their smartphones, texting, checking their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, taking a selfie, reading their email messages, playing an app – the list is endless. Today’s smartphones just make it really convenient and appealing to do practically everything with them.

However, despite the many features of smartphones that keeps you glued to them, it is not a good habit to constantly use your mobile phone. Without you knowing it, your health is adversely. Here are some health hazards that may be obtained from too much use of smartphones and how you can avoid them.

Developing the ‘Text Neck’

According to a research by US spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, looking down at our mobile phones increases the weight of our head on our neck. For instance, at a 30-degree angle, the average head weighing 10-12lbs would have an effective weight of 40lbs. Frequently being in this position leads a hunched over posture also known as the ‘text neck’.

To avoid developing a text neck, always maintain a proper posture. Stand up straight with your neck and upper back arched back. And instead of looking down at your phone, raise it to eye level.

Damaged Eyes

Since 1997, there has been a 35% increase of people diagnosed with myopia (short-sightedness). According to consultant eye surgeon David Allamby, spending an average of two hours on smartphones everyday can affect one’s eyesight and might even lead to macular degeneration and, at worst, blindness. Limiting the time you look at your phone would be a good way to prevent this.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Using your smartphone before going to bed affects the quality of your sleep, says a Norwegian study. According to experts, staring at an illuminated screen sends signals to the brain, keeping it awake and alert. The best way you can sleep soundly is to make sure that you do not use your phone at least two hours before bedtime.

By being more conscious of the time and frequency of your smartphone use, as well as how you hold your phone, you can avoid having to experience any repercussions your phone could do to your health.

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