Real Time Ultrasound Now Available at Excel!


Having difficulty knowing if you are doing your core or pelvic floor exercises correctly? Not sure whether you’re activating the right muscles or not?

Real Time Ultrasound is an imaging technique that allows us to see the deeper muscles of your back, core, and pelvic floor contracting, so we can give you instant feedback and help you train your deeper muscles correctly!

rtus; real time ultrasound; excel physiotherapy and wellness

The deep muscles of your core, back, and pelvic floor play an important role in stabilising the spine. They also prevent pain and protect the pelvis and trunk from injury during an activity. For individuals with lower back or pelvic pain, urinary stress incontinence, or for women who have been pregnant and given birth, these muscles may not be functioning correctly. This can lead to further injury or recurrent episodes of pain. It is therefore essential to know if these muscles are working optimally.

The physiotherapists at Excel are trained to use Real Time Ultrasound to assess the activation of these muscles, and allows us to:

  • prescribe specific exercises tailored for your condition
  • improve your core strength
  • help you regain healthy pelvic floor muscles
  • address and treat women’s health issues
  • reduce back and pelvic pain
  • provide you with vital feedback regarding muscle contraction

rtus; real time ultrasound; excel physiotherapy and wellness

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Real Time Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive procedure is an extremely effective way to help with stability, strength, and pain.