PUSH Sports Braces Now at Excel Physiotherapy!


Push Sports Braces utilise the latest scientific insights and production techniques to produce ultra-thin, comfortable and supportive sports braces to support elite athletes and everyday gym-junkies in their everyday performance.

The Push Sports range has been specially designed by working with a team of athletes, sports care specialists, and the dedicated Push research & development team. Their joint goal is to ensure athletes can recover whilst using the brace and prevent injuries occurring.

Push sports braces; excel physiotherapy and wellness; sports brace

Push Sports Braces ensure your muscles do not weaken and remain active and strong, whilst offering security. Maximum protection is ensured against acute injuries and overusing your joint and muscles. Above all, the braces are designed to be breathable and offer a perfect fit.

Push sports braces; excel physiotherapy and wellness; sports brace

From Excel Physiotherapist Lawrence:

“My impression of braces for joints has been quite mixed because they aren’t always comfortable, completely secure or aesthetically pleasing. Ben from Push Sports came to Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness to introduce a whole range of braces that has totally changed the game. Whether you suffer from chronic ankle instability, tennis elbow or have just had surgery to a joint. Braces from Push Sports are designed to be comfortable, supportive and look great too. If you need protection for an acute injury or overtaxing joints and muscles, I believe they offer a great range of braces catered for your injury.”

Push sports braces; excel physiotherapy and wellness; sports brace

“I personally have mild ankle instability from recurrent sprains and have always struggled to find an appropriate brace. The Ankle Brace 8 from Push Sports felt like it moulded around my ankle and provided comfort and stability. The silicon inserts helps the brace from slipping down and the brace was very light and didn’t impede too much of my movement. Having a brace will not entirely manage any injury or joint pain but it can be of great assistance along with other treatment as directed from your physiotherapist.”

If you need a brace, please visit us and we will find an appropriate brace for you.