Prevent Injuries By Proper Lifting


One of the most common causes of back pain is related to poor lifting techniques. And while back pain associated with lifting may ease after a day or so, the intensity and duration of the pain is likely to be greater as you do the same incorrect lifting practices over and over. The best way to address back pain then is to start practicing proper lifting.

If you want to prevent painful back injuries, you will need to follow these three rules:

Keep Your Chest Forward

Bend at the hips and not from your lower back. Push your chest out, pointing forward. Be sure not to twist. It is a common belief that bending at the knees will ensure a safe lift, but this form alone may still lead to a back injury if you curve your back. By keeping your chest pointing forward, you ensure that you maintain a straight back.

Keep Your Shoulders In Line With Your Hips

Keeping your shoulders in line with your hips ensures that you do not twist, which is another dangerous mistake that may lead to back injury. When you need to change directions, move your hips first and ensure that your shoulders move in unison with your hips.

Keep Your Weight Close to Your Body

The farther you hold an object away from you, the more force is needed to hold that object up and this extra force will run through your lower back. On the other hand, if you hold an object closer to your body, you are less likely to have a back injury. In cases when the object is too wide to hold it between your knees as you lift it, get help from another person instead of attempting to lift it alone.

Following these three basic rules in proper lifting will help prevent back injuries in most lifting situations. These simple techniques will help reduce the amount of stress on your back so you are less likely to sustain a back injury.

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