Pilates at Excel


Regular Pilates creates an unshakeable core of strength through the hips, pelvis and abdominal region. It has a unique way of improving strength as our muscles are lengthened in all the degrees of movement: forwards, backwards, side to side and in rotation. We call that eccentric strengthening. 

The ‘strengthen as you lengthen’ approach is difficult to achieve in other exercise programs but critical for success in sports or other activities. Our Pilates students not only recover faster from injury and have fewer recurrences of pain, but they report feeling taller, lighter and stronger all at the same time – a great result!

Here at Excel we offer a mix of reformer and mat in our small group classes. With a maximum of just 4 students, we offer you a personalised class in a supportive and nurturing space. Our classes are fun and inspiring, leaving you feeling lighter, lengthened and energised.

We offer our classes on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

Mai Hoshino – Tuesday 12pm class

Mai focuses on exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, muscle tone and joint mobility. She believes that all students have the ability to improve their body and alignment, providing relief from tension and muscle tightness.

Julia Di Kang  – Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm and 6.30pm classes

Julia is in her last year of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of Sydney with a particular interest in spinal pain and the mind-body connection. She aims to hold an uplifting space for you to enhance your mobility, stability, strength and coordination through concentration, centering, breathing, flow, precision and control.

Renee Kera – Saturday 9am class

Renee has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has a real passion for Pilates. Renee creates a challenging, strengthening and stretching workout to increase your body’s performance and core stability.


Working in with your physiotherapy program or as a stand alone exercise, Pilates helps improve your posture, flexibility and range of movement. We will work with you in order to achieve your goals whether they be:

  • core stability
  • improved posture
  • improved strength
  • improved coordination
  • flexibility
  • weight loss
  • improved fitness
  • increased muscle tone


With just 4 students per class, space is limited so be sure to book your spot with reception today.