Physiotherapy in focus


 We put five benefits under the spotlight 

As the year hurtles ahead, the one thing we know for certain is that change is the only constant. More demands and greater expectations. 

A common theme we hear from our clients is: there’s never enough time to juggle and fit in everything that needs to be done. But the one thing that you should never compromise is YOU. Some precious time to take care of yourself, your outlook and your health. 

That’s why physiotherapy is a great way to refocus on getting yourself in the best possible shape. And the benefits? Well, the list is endless. We’ve compiled the top five reasons to zoom in on physiotherapy as part of your wellness regime. Let’s go! 

Benefit #1  

Programs are tailored from the outset. 

The best thing about physiotherapy? When you work with an industry-leading practitioner and physiotherapy practice, we will tailor the exercises and treatment options according to your specific needs. This means that every consultation is getting you from where you are now with your health and wellness, to where you need to be. 

This is what sets physiotherapy apart from many other treatments. Our well-versed physiotherapist’s will take the time to understand your exact needs and assess what pain or symptoms you might be experiencing. At Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness, we are laser focused on working with our patients to obtain a holistic picture of what you are going through and how we can best help. 

By having an appreciation of the nuances involved in your day to day activities and the issues you might be facing, we ensure that we create and optimise the best possible physiotherapy program for you. 

Benefit #2  

Get to the root cause of your pain. 

Dreaming of a pain free life? It’s time to face the reality that this can be possible. How? With the right physiotherapist and treatment options, you can certainly achieve a state where your intermittent or chronic pain is drastically reduced. We know at Excel, from talking to many of our patients, how upset or low they can feel when they are experiencing on-going pain. 

The great benefit of physiotherapy is that with a consistent approach and tailored treatment options, you can get stronger, fitter and more resilient each and every day. Our focus at Excel is to make sure we do everything possible with our expert treatments to get your health and wellness in tip top shape. 

Benefit #3  

Enjoy the power of health and wellness independence. 

No matter your age, we all want to feel fit and healthy, right? Well, a key benefit of physiotherapy is that it can keep you that way – for life. By combining a series of consistent exercises (anchored in physiotherapy) and aligning your health and wellness to physiotherapy-related classes and activities, you can set yourself up for health success. 

Physiotherapy provides a wonderful end-to-end approach when it comes to your overall wellness. By infusing your life with physical exercise, mobility activities and a focus on physiotherapy, you will gain all the brilliant outcomes of flexibility, strength, confidence, vitality and balance. At Excel, we offer a suite of physiotherapy solutions as well as regular Pilates and Yoga classes – to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Benefit #4  

Start now to prevent injuries tomorrow. 

The key to being healthy is to not only do what’s helpful today, but to keep a strong outlook on tomorrow. In this respect, it’s all about prevention! Doing the right activities and exercises today in order to build a strong and robust future – free of injury. 

Physiotherapy is well known to help people prevent injuries – whether you’re an elite sporting athlete or regular gym-enthusiast. At Excel, we’re always focused on driving technique excellence – to ensure our clients are performing activities in the right way, with safety a top priority. By working with our physiotherapists on correct posture and poses, you can feel better knowing that you’re adopting the best stretching, training and exercises at every opportunity. 

Benefit #5  

Time to get back to basics? 

Let’s talk back pain. It’s something we’re seeing and hearing more about each and every week. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic and hybrid work practices take front and centre stage, we’re experiencing a rise in back pain from less than perfect work station set-ups. 

Many of our clients are hunching, awkwardly twisting and slowly injuring themselves by being glued to their desks – for long hours in the day. The right physiotherapy treatment can help you get back to basics with back pain. At Excel, we work with our patients to help you strengthen your muscles and correct your posture – one exercise at a time. Equally as important, we also teach our clients how to avoid on-going back issues and we equip them with a solid strategy going forward. 

Ready to focus on YOU? 

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