Acute Low Back Pain


  The back is naturally a very strong structure that is made up of bones called vertebrae which are held together by a large network of ligaments and muscles. Acute low back pain refers to pain that has been present in the lower back…

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The Importance of Rehabilitation for Common Ankle Sprains


Almost everyone knows the pain of an ankle sprain. The unexpected trip off a step, halfway through a run, or a sharp pivot on the sports field, it can be sudden and definitely not pleasant. In this blog, Lawrence Lin, Physiotherapist from Excel,…

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Causes of Neck Pain and How Physiotherapy Can Help


Our head weighs up to 5kg. This is balanced and supported by our neck, which consists of seven vertebrae. From the second vertebrae onwards, each of them is separated from each other by discs. Other than that, we have muscles that support our…

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Understanding Lateral Hip Pain (Also Known as Gluteal Tendinopathy)


Pain over the side of the hip is commonly due to a condition affecting the local soft tissues at the greater trochanter (the prominent bony bump at the side of the hip). The primary pathology is tendinopathy of the glute medius and/or minimus…

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ACL Injuries: “Australia’s Common Loser”

Nearly 200,000 ACL reconstructions were performed in Australia between 2000 and 2015. The incidence of ACL reconstructions in Australia is the highest in the world, and is increasing (Vertullo et al 2018). At Excel, we are getting more and more patients with ACL... More >

A Closer Look at Your Headaches and What Could Be Causing Them


Most of us have experienced headache at some time or another. Headaches may be treated either with a painkiller or rest, but occasionally they linger, and it can cause great frustration. Headaches can be quite debilitating, and probably quite annoying, affecting our ability…

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