Our Core Purpose and Core Values


At Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness, we combine the highest level of physiotherapy practice with an integrative approach to total health and wellness. Our core purpose and core values form the foundation of our physiotherapy practice.

Our core purpose is “to empower our clients to manage pain, injury and disability successfully and to live active and healthy lives”

Being the best we can be: Our team is constantly enhancing our knowledge and techniques with a commitment to continuous professional development.

Empowering you: We believe in helping you build confidence and improve your fitness so you can reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Operating with integrity: We respect and care for our clients. If our team doesn’t have a treatment solution for you, we go out of our way to refer you to someone who does.

Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist Tim Ellis (BA Hons, BSC Hons, MHSC Hons) talks to Senior Physiotherapist Chris Legg about our core values.

Tim: Chris, please tell us which of the core values resonates the most with you?

Chris: Operating with integrity is the cornerstone that I have based my clinical practice as a physiotherapist upon. I view integrity in healthcare as operating consistently with honesty and transparency in my practice, showing genuine care to my patients, with strong overarching principles and values that I maintain even in difficult situations. I aim to be a clinician that clients can trust to deliver the best possible healthcare.

Basing my clinical practice upon integrity has driven me to continually strive to enhance my clinical knowledge, to ensure that I am delivering the best standard of healthcare for all of my clients. I aim to frequently question my biases as a clinician against advancements that are being made in physiotherapy research. This ensures that I am delivering the most up to date, high value care for my clients. This philosophy has led me to attend a number of postgraduate courses and to complete my clinical masters in physiotherapy. I have also learnt to know my individual scope of clinical expertise, and will look to refer a client on to another healthcare practitioner if I am unable to deliver the requisite care for that client.

Operating with integrity ensures that I am looking to deliver high value care that fosters the development of a strong therapeutic relationship between patient and clinician. I believe in actively listening to my clients to fully understand their problems, concerns, and goals. I aim to empower my clients by giving them knowledge that will enable them to have control over their health and to reach their well-being goals.

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