One-on-One Yoga Sessions — Why You Need to Try It


The word yoga comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. Derived from the word yuj, which means union. Yoga, by definition, is the union of mind, body, and soul. This can be done through asana, the practice of stretching the body and building strength to prepare for meditation. There are various yoga poses for creating balance and stability in the body. Strength and flexibility are developed by practicing these yoga poses.

In yoga class, there is an instructor (sometimes two) who facilitates yoga sessions to a number of participants. For beginner classes, the basic poses are taught. However, some students may not be as flexible or agile as the others, and they would usually position themselves at the back of the class to avoid embarrassment from the more advanced students.

If you happen to be a beginner or if you are one of those who would usually stay at the back of the class, you may benefit more from private yoga classes or one-on-one instruction. This way, you do can focus on practicing yoga, and not worry about if others can see you during difficult poses.

Here are some of the benefits of private yoga instruction:


As the term one-on-one or private yoga class suggests, you get to practice yoga in the privacy of your own home or a dedicated space in the yoga center. You do not have to be intimidated by other students who are more flexible and advanced than you are.

Undivided Attention

Because it is a one-on-one session, you get the yoga teacher’s sole attention. You can ask questions and seek your teacher’s help with more complicated poses, and there is no need to crane your neck to see what yoga pose the teacher is doing and how he or she is doing it!

Tailor-Fit Instructions

Each yoga student has a different level. Some are beginners, while others are more advanced. In a private yoga class, you can move at your own pace. Your teacher can also tailor-fit instructions according to your capabilities. This is an especially important advantage for some who have health conditions that may contraindicate particular poses. Such health conditions may include asthma, back or neck injuries, heart diseases, pregnancy, and so forth.

Nowhere to Hide

In a class with numerous students, it is easy to hide in the back of the class and give up on some poses that you think you can not do. Sometimes, you do not pay attention to instructions and may do the pose incorrectly, thus increasing risk for injury. In one-on-one yoga, you can ensure that your teacher can correct your mistakes and provide proper instruction on every pose.

Personalised Schedule

Group classes have their own schedule, and more often than not, you find yourself too busy to attend. In one-on-one yoga, you get to choose your own time.

Regularly practicing yoga is important to help you improve and achieve unification of mind, body, and soul. With private yoga classes, you have no excuse anymore! So book a class with a private yoga teacher today and start reaping the full range of benefits that yoga has to offer. See our class schedule here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.