James Wilkinson: 5 Things I Enjoy Being a Physiotherapist


Recently, we welcomed our new Physio to Excel – James Wilkinson. Since the he was 14 years old, James has been wanting to become a physiotherapist. And now, after years of study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Sydney, James is very excited and proud to be able to call himself a Physio.

“Why so passionate about Physiotherapy?” you might ask. In this article, James shares five reasons that motivate him as a physiotherapist.

The Satisfaction of Helping Others

This is the primary reason why physiotherapists find this career so rewarding. From working alongside elite athletes to the older gentlemen who want to be able to walk to the shops without pain – everyone’s goal is important. To be able to make a positive change in someone’s life is definitely the most rewarding reason for being a physiotherapist.

“Being able to guide and assist others to overcome their injuries gives me great enjoyment as I help them reach their goals.”


Each Day is Different

No two days are ever the same in the physiotherapy world! From the start of the day, you are meeting new people from all walks of life with a wide range of injuries. There is never a dull day.

“I always look forward to coming to work, as the varying injuries keep my work interesting and keeps me on my toes. I also enjoy working on complex cases which come up in the course of the day!”


Solving Puzzles

Keeping your brain active is very important for a good healthy lifestyle, and studies have shown that keeping your brain healthy and active may reduce the risk of developing memory loss later in life. And what better way to do that and keep your brain ticking over, than working out what injuries your patients are dealing with!

“One thing I’ve always loved since being a little kid is puzzles, whether that’s riddles, brain teasers, Sudoku, or crosswords, I love them all. My sister even bought me a book of logic problems for Christmas, which I know will keep me entertained for hours.”


Working as Part of a Team

Although you are mostly dealing with patients on a one-on-one level, you are also constantly liaising with other health professionals to deliver the best outcome for each patient.

“I’m a very social person so I enjoy the collaborative aspect of working in a physiotherapy team. Whether that is during discussion with Principal Physiotherapist Tim Ellis, Lawrence, and the rest of the Excel team or contacting the referring doctors and surgeons, there is a network of health professionals looking to offer you advice and give the best possible outcome for the patient.”


Helps My Own Sports Escapades

“I’ve been playing sports for over 20 years to varying degrees of success, but there’s always been one constant and that is injuries. During high school, I unfortunately spent more time recovering from injuries than actually on the field playing sports that I enjoy. This meant a lot of time spent with my physiotherapist working to get my body back to its full potential. This was the primary motivator for becoming a physiotherapist myself. In addition to understanding my patient’s rehabilitation journey, it assists me in understanding my own body and identifying what areas I need to improve to allow me to perform at the level I expect of myself.”