Injuries under the spotlight


Injuries under the spotlight

Time to say goodbye to pain and hello to help?

As we hurtle to the end of the year, it’s important to take stock and slow down. If for no other reason than to avoid injuries!
At Excel, we see a diversity of injury related issues and are here to help you at every step. We love working with our clients to assist with injury prevention, treatment, pain management, recovery from surgery and all other long-standing (or short-term) items.

Do any of these painful problems sound familiar? We’ve put a spotlight on five key injuries we see throughout the year:

#1 Spinal conditions  

The bulk of what we treat

From back pain to neck conditions and more, we see a myriad of injuries relating to the spine and we know how painful and frustrating it can be! Did you know that our head alone weighs up to 5kg and is supported by our neck? There are any many issues that can arise and our talented team of physiotherapists are here to help you on your road to recovery.

We know that every spinal related injury is different. That is why we have a tailored approach to our treatment – using massage and mobilisation, along with specific exercises to get you back (or your back!) where it needs to be.

#2 Muscle strains
Get your muscles moving well

Sometimes we can overexert ourselves, without even knowing it! That is, until the muscle pain or strain starts. At Excel, we’ve helped many people take the pain out of muscle strain – with dry needling.

Our experienced physiotherapists use dry needling (derived from the ancient Chinese tradition of acupuncture) to help complement traditional physiotherapy treatments. Our clients have experienced first-hand, the power of dry needling to release on-going tight muscles and relieve overall pain.

#3 Knees

What you need to know

Across Excel throughout the year, we see just how common knee pain and injuries are and how easily they can happen. The good news? They can be treated effectively with a good physiotherapy plan and personalised approach.

A robust management schedule involves the consideration of timing and appropriately assigning the right treatment to each stage of the recovery process. At Excel, we have our exercise studio on standby – so when clients move to active management, they have a choice of classes to increase their fitness levels.

From cartilage (meniscus) to ligament and tendon tears, our practice can help you accelerate your treatment, recovery and rehabilitation.

#4 Sport injuries
We’ll get you back on the field in no time

As summer approaches, we see a rise in sporting injuries as everyone heads outdoors for training and activities. Remember to warm up and stretch prior to racing around! Across Excel, we attend to strains, sprains, as well as acute and long term sports injuries.

Our differentiator? We will carefully listen to your sporting story, discuss your injury in detail and explore the associated symptoms. It’s all about creating a tailored and evidence based treatment plan to rehabilitate your injury with a focus on preventing a recurrence down the track.

Connect with our physiotherapy team, today, to see how we can assist you in making a safe return to sport as quickly as possible.

#5 Remote working … not working out?
Make sure your workstation is properly set up

In this new hybrid working environment, we’re seeing a diversity of work-related and occupational injuries. From sitting down too much to not having the right office set-up that contributes to correct posture – it’s important to reflect on how your ‘home’ working environment is impacting you day to day.

Have you had an ergonomic assessment? Are you straining yourself throughout the day? Do you have the right chair in place to avoid back pain?

Before diving into that next email, assess what changes might need to be made to drive your long-term comfort and ultimate productivity. With a few small changes, you can be set for remote working success, without the risk of potential pain.

Turn pain into peace and calm.

When it comes to injury assessment, treatment and plans, we’re your ‘go to’ physiotherapists – who can help you manage your symptoms and recover – one tailored solution at a time.

We are with you at every step. Get in touch with us at Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness to explore how physiotherapy can help you get back to moving with ease. We’re focused on helping you to turn around any long-standing problems, getting you back to being fit, healthy and strong.

From start to finish, our physiotherapists have a diversity of treatments, tools and solutions to ensure that you excel in your health, physio and wellness journey.

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