Healing With Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is considered to be the oldest form of healing practice. The oldest written records points to China as its origin. And now, during these modern times, the practice of hands-on manipulation has grown to be accepted and performed by physicians and healers of all forms and from all cultures.

There are several forms of Massage Therapy. Massage can treat a wide variety of chronic diseases, including cancer, depression, osteoporosis, as well as circulatory disorders. One reason why Massage Therapy is an effective method of healing is because it helps to move lymph fluid around the body and oxygenate the organs and tissues. And, of course, the healing powers of human touch.

To better understand how Massage Therapy is able to bring about healing, here are the basic principles behind this practice:

Blood Circulation

Improved blood circulation is essential for practically all health conditions. Poor blood circulation is caused by tense muscles and soft tissues. This may result to decreased supply of nutrients and deficient removal of wastes or toxins from the tissues of the body. This may lead to illness, structural and functional problems, and slower healing.

Circulation of Lymphatic Fluid

The circulation of lymphatic fluid is equally important as blood circulation. It plays a major role in flushing out wastes, toxins, and pathogens out of the body. Massage Therapy is beneficial for the lymph system, particularly where lymphatic flow is impaired after an injury or surgery.

Release of Toxins

Chronic tension or trauma to the soft tissues of the body may lead to a build-up of toxic by-products of normal metabolism. Massage Therapy helps to remove these toxins through the body’s normal pathways of release and elimination.

Release of Muscular Tension

Chronic muscular tension resulting from a highly stressful lifestyle, trauma, or injury can accumulate and impair the body’s structure and function, as well as one’s mental well-being. The release of tension gives way to increased relaxation, which brings forth a multitude of physiological and psychological benefits.

Increased Energy

Energy can be directed to move through and around the body in ways that can affect the physical structure and function of the body as well as one’s emotional well-being. Massage Therapy generally works with the flow of energy through the body to promote healing.

Stress Reduction

Stress is said to be the leading cause of illness. About 80 to 90 percent of all diseases are induced by stress. Massage Therapy is an effective method for reducing stress and promoting relaxation without the use of drugs.

Structure and Function Go Hand In Hand

The musculoskeletal structure of the body affects function and vice versa. When either structure or function is adversely altered by stress or trauma, Massage Therapy helps to restore these. The result is improved circulation, better ease of movement, increased range of movement, greater flexibility, as well as the release of chronic patterns of tension.

Overall Improvement of All Body Systems

Having good circulation and a more harmonious functioning of the soft tissues benefits all of the internal organs in the body, including the nervous system and the immune system. The end result is an overall improvement in one’s physical health and quality of life.

Integration of the Mind and the Body

Generally, psychotherapy and Massage Therapy complement each other. This is because the mind and the body have a mutual relationship, with the body affecting the psyche and vice versa. This explains the existence of somatopsychic effects, in which the conditions of the body affect the mind and emotions, and psychosomatic effects, in which psychological or emotional conditions affect the body.

As you can see, Massage is not just a method of relaxation. Beyond its soothing effects to the body, Massage Therapy is an effective way to attain physical and mental healing. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Massage and how you can start your journey towards healing using this practice, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 650 510, send us an email at info@excelphysio.com.au, or visit us at 214 – 220 Coward Street, Mascot, New South Wales 2020.