One-on-One Yoga Sessions — Why You Need to Try It


The word yoga comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. Derived from the word yuj, which means union. Yoga, by definition, is the union of mind, body, and soul. This can be done through asana, the practice of stretching the body and building…

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5 Amazing Benefits of Using the Pilates Reformer


The Pilates reformer is a machine used with mat-based Pilates techniques and exercises. It is a dynamic and more intense workout, using springs, leverage, and body weight as resistance to target specific muscle groups. Tim Ellis, managing director at Excel, offers one-on-one Pilates…

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How Protein Supplements Aid in Fast Recovery


Working out naturally involves muscle damage and recovery. You can say that this is the yin and yang of intense physical activity that eventually leads to increased muscle strength and muscle mass.

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Taking One Step At a Time – Walking Your Way to Better Health


A daily walking programme of at least 30 minutes has been shown to be beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it improve muscle activity, maintain bone density, and improve balance and proprioception, it also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, glaucoma,…

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My Love Affair with the Swiss Ball


As an 18-year old, I had the pleasure of spending a summer in the Swiss Alps, mostly rock climbing, hiking, and a bit of skinny dipping in remote mountain lakes. It was one of those idyllic times when there didn’t seem to be…

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Back to Basics – Actively Managing Low Back Pain


Low Back Pain is a common problem that affects about 85% of adults in the western world: it can be very distressing and affect our work and daily activities.There are many mysteries and myths about low back pain, but usually it is not…

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