Excel Life Issue 8


The latest edition of Excel Life is packed with lots of practical tips on how to you can prepare for better health, wellness and injury prevention this Spring.

We are very excited to give you your FREE copy of Excel Life Issue 8.

Learn the benefits of the Pilates Ring—a very affordable exercise accessory with over 100 uses to help strengthen and tone your core, butt and thighs. Keep your knees healthy and pain free with our simple advice and exercises.

In this edition, Tim also talks about the many benefits of a daily walking programme for a healthy heart, bones, muscles, and mind! We also welcome our dedicated Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapist, Aline Filipe; our Senior Physio, Laura Lee; Masseuse, Diana Secuya; and Yoga Teacher, Brooke Lucas. Plus, this issue features a healthy spring salad recipe for you!

We hope to see you soon! We are located in Coward Street, Mascot, just three minutes from Mascot Railway Station.


Tim Ellis

Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist
BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) MHSc (Hons)
Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness