Excel Life Issue 10


The 10th edition of Excel Life is here and, as always, this issue is filled with helpful tips and the latest news in physiotherapy. In this edition, we also focus on how to prevent running injuries since running season is here.

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Aside from tips on how to prevent running injuries, Excel Life 10 also talks about effective management of lower back pain to address one of the most common concerns from our clients and adults in general. We also feature the rehab mat, showing its importance in monitoring one’s progress towards recovery. And, if you would like to explore the many benefits of yoga and Pilates but have always had your reservations, we discuss in this issue the many positive possibilities these wellness practices have to offer. Plus, an autumn recipe that is sure to delight your palate — Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup!

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Tim Ellis

Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist

BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) MHSc (Hons)

Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness