A Closer Look at Your Headaches and What Could Be Causing Them


Most of us have experienced headache at some time or another. Headaches may be treated either with a painkiller or rest, but occasionally they linger, and it can cause great frustration. Headaches can be quite debilitating, and probably quite annoying, affecting our ability to perform day to day tasks and to lose concentration at work. However, help is at hand, and at Excel Physiotherapy, we help many patients each year with their headaches.

We usually think that headaches are caused by stress, spending too much time in front of the computer, or it may be a migraine coming on. However, not many people know, that headache can actually caused by postural neck strain and injury. This is generally called cervicogenic headache.

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Physiotherapists have been treating headaches that originate from the neck for a long period of time. In my opinion, with good assessment and evaluation of the reported complaints, as well as the events leading up to the headache, we can determine whether the headache is originating from the neck. This is what we do with our headache patients at Excel Physiotherapy.

With the help of a physiotherapist, who can provide specifically designed treatment strategy, exercise programme, and self-management techniques, the headaches can drastically reduce in terms of frequency, intensity and duration.

These are a few characteristics that may indicate whether your headache is originating from the neck:

  • Neck pain with pain radiating to the back of the head or temporal region
  • Mild light headedness or dizziness
  • Stiffness/tension in neck movement
  • Neck movement increases headache, and keeping neck in same position for a long period of time increases headache
  • Same sided headache
  • Pressing on a point of the neck like the base of the skull eases some of the headache

It is important to remember that there are undoubtedly many different kinds of headaches. Cervicogenic headache is the type of headache that physiotherapists can help you with. The treatments we use include soft tissue massage, mobilisation of the joints, dry needling and specific exercises.

However, other causes of headaches that may be contributing to the headache include: allergic reactions, sinusitis, cold, flu, medication, dehydration, and migraines originating from other factors. You are advised to check with your medical practitioner if headaches persist or, alternatively, with a physiotherapist at Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness. CALL US TODAY on 1300 650 510 or book online!