Certified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor
Tuesday and Thursday Pilates Classes

Steph’s classes are fun and inspiring, leaving you feeling lighter, lengthened, and energised. Focusing on flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance, with a maximum of 4 students per class, Steph offers you personalised attention in a supportive and nurturing space.


steph2 Stephanie Zefferino

While recovering from her own injuries some years ago, she was amazed with the results that Pilates offered her. This led Steph to complete her formal Pilates mat and reformer training with the goal of empowering others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

steph1 e1551627066934 Stephanie Zefferino


Written by: Midge Rubio

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  1. Hi there, I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I’d like to ask if there’s a special class for pre natal or is it a mixed class with others? How much is the cost and if the cost rebatable by private health insurance? Do you accept all health insurance or just some? I’m with GU Health. Thanks a lot! Mel