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Lawrence is a graduate of the University of Sydney, a registered physiotherapist, and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). He is experienced in treating work related and postural injuries, in particular, necks and backs. He is a SIRA Workers Compensation (WorkCover) approved Physiotherapist.

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Lawrence has obtained further qualifications in Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling to enhance his Physiotherapy skill set. He recently completed professional development courses, such as DMA Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists (Unit A) and Clinical Pilates & Rehabilitation for the Degenerative Gluteal Tendinopathy, and is currently obtaining further qualifications in Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function.

His interest in musculoskeletal injuries draws from his passion for sports, in particular, basketball, tennis, and table tennis. Lawrence is a lover of sports and has had his own fair share of injuries, and this is what drives him to commit to seeing his patients recover from their injuries as fast as possible.

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Lawrence has a strong interest in strengthening the ‘core’ and gluteal muscles which is vital for people who suffer from low back pain, unstable knees, and other lower limb injuries. He regularly attends professional development courses in the areas of Sports Injuries, Rehabilitation, and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Lawrence has completed the following professional development courses:

  • Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling for Physiotherapists (APA)
  • Physiotherapy Pilates – Prescribing Better Exercises for Complex Cases (APA)
  • DMA Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists Unit A
  • Clinical Pilates and Rehabilitation for the Degenerative Gluteal Tendinopathy
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation for Contact Sports
  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function
  • Dynamic Stabilisation of Foot and Ankle
  • Dynamic Stabilisation of Hip and Pelvis
  • The Complete and Advanced Lumbar Spine and Pelvis (Australian Specialist Physiotherapy Education)
  • ACL Tears: Non-Surgical Management (APA)

He has spent two months on a volunteer trip in China refining his Chinese and volunteering his clinical skills. He also spent two weeks in Indonesia in 2017, volunteering as a Physiotherapist in a team of other health practitioners.

Lawrence’s Philosophy

“I believe that a holistic approach in managing any injury will bring the best possible health outcome. As a health practitioner, I’m not just treating the problem but I’m treating the person as a whole.”

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Lawrence Lin Physio Lawrence Lin
Spoken Languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

Written by: Tim Ellis, Physiotherapist

Hi, I opened Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in August 2014, after eighteen years as working as a Physio in Public Hospitals, Medical Centres and Private practices. My aim at Excel was to create a dynamic team of practitioners with a wide variety of skills. At Excel we have offer Physio, Sports Injury Management, Dry Needling, Pilates, Remedial Massage, Pilates and Yoga. Prior to working as a Physio I was an Archaeologist, having qualified from the University of York in 1988, I worked in the UK, for the Museum of London and was evena tour guide at the British Museum. I have had a very interesting career and life! I am thrilled to be managing director of a growing health business that offers long term solutions, in Sydney's expanding south eastern suburbs.

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