We often see knee pain and knee injuries in people returning to exercise, after a break, and in sports such as netball. Netball involves frequent running and stopping movements, and with this type of movement the impact on the knees is often severe.

knee netball player Knee Pain and Knee Injuries

Injuries to the ligaments or meniscus occur in sports and in more physical working environments. These injuries must be carefully assessed. During rehabilitation we often work in conjunction with your doctor or surgeon.

Successful management requires considered timing, assigning the right treatment to the right stage of recovery.

Most treatment begins with hands-on massage and mobilisation, and sometimes taping. When we move to active management our well-equipped exercise studio is the ideal place for you to increase your activity levels.

knee pain massage Knee Pain and Knee Injuriesknee pain mobilization Knee Pain and Knee Injuriesknee pain taping Knee Pain and Knee Injuries

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