5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Holiday Season


The Christmas season makes it much more challenging for most of us to make healthy choices and continue the routines we normally do to stay fit. All the food and booze during parties, reunions, and family gatherings can really be tempting and, after all the shopping and partying, it only feels right to just lie down and sleep. However, there are ways you can avoid making unhealthy food choices and unhealthy lifestyle during the holidays. Here are 5 of them:

Stay Physically Active

Christmas should not be an excuse to quit working out. Use the holiday break to try out a new class. If you have been hitting the gym on a regular basis doing some cardio most of the time, why don’t you sign up for a yoga or Pilates class for a change. If your schedule is really very hectic that you cannot make time for a workout, try to wake up earlier than usual and enjoy the mornings with a power walk. Too busy taking care of the kids in between all the work, shopping, and partying? No worries. Play with the kids at the beach or in the park and enjoy an hour or two of cardio walking, running, jumping up and down, and just plain having fun with them!

Pace Yourself

The key is to keep the portion size small. You can have a taste of all the food on the table but remember to control how much of everything you eat. One trick is to choose a smaller plate, so you are moved to get less amount of food. It might also create an optical illusion of having a full plate which can make you feel full even while eating less! Eating slowly and chewing your food well also helps to make you less likely to overeat.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Don’t drink too much alcohol over the holidays. Aside from avoiding all the calories that come with consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, drinking less or not drinking at all also keeps you in control of the food that you eat. A good alternative to wine, vodka, or any other booze is club soda, or better yet water! This way, you have something to carry with you like all the other guests.

Drink Lots of Water

Never forget to drink at least two litres of water everyday to keep you well-hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated helps to regulate your temperature and cleanse the body of toxins. Add a slice or two of lemon to add some flavor and get a doze of its antioxidant properties. You can also add different fruits like strawberries, lime, orange, or blueberry. Mint and cucumber are also good additions to water. Cucumber also helps to curb appetite.

Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that sleeping can help you burn calories? Yes, it does! Now, that’s a great incentive to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. It also helps to boost fat loss and keeps you from eating those midnight snacks. Having enough sleep also keeps you in control when you wake up, so you are more likely to be aware of what you eat and avoid making unhealthy food choices.

With these healthy tips for the holidays, you can keep fit and in good health amidst all the food, parties, and holiday stress!