5 Key Benefits of Soft Tissue Massage Therapy


Soft tissue massage is a form of massage therapy where the joints and soft tissues are exercised to lessen muscle tension and pain. According to research, the benefits of this type of massage go beyond just a good feel; there are several health benefits that can be achieved when performed properly by a professional therapist.  Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and why soft tissue massage is gaining popularity, particularly among athletes.

Improved Flexibility

After a long day of work, it is normal for people to feel some muscle tension. Soft tissue massage helps to improve overall flexibility and lower the chances of having muscle injury. This type of massage involves stretching the muscle fibers, promoting flexibility and maintaining it. You are left feeling relaxed at the end of a very busy and stressful day.

Pain Reduction

Soft tissue massage is known to be an effective way to alleviate muscular pain, regardless whether it is caused by injury or overwork. Acute or chronic pain inevitably leaves you in low mood, keeping you from attending to your daily duties. Soft tissue massage helps you deal with pain effectively, so you feel less pain and are able to perform your tasks better.

Better Circulation

Intense training cycles or having a lot of work causes microscopic damage known as micro-trauma to fascial tissues and muscles. In order to repair this damage, increased blood flow or nourishment is necessary to the affected areas. Soft tissue massage therapy helps improve circulation, enhancing your performance levels. According to research, this type of massage has great impact not only in blood circulation but also in lymphatic circulation, which means better removal of waste from the affected muscles and more oxygen and food supply.

Decreased Tension

Muscle relaxation is important for one’s well-being. Sometimes stress can get the better of you, making relaxing difficult. With regular soft tissue massage, you can easily learn to relax your mind and body and improve your overall performance.

Sleep Improvement

Yes, soft tissue massage can also help improve your sleep patterns, which happen to be a big part of recovery process. If you go to bed in a state of high tension due to vigorous activity, chances are that you will not get a good night’s sleep. You may keep on waking up during the night or even too early in the morning. This form of massage reduces that tension, promoting deeper, longer sleep.

The whole idea of soft tissue massage is relieving and preventing pain, improving range of motion, optimizing spinal adjustments, aiding in muscle recovery, and enhancing physical functions. Once you undergo several sessions, you will feel a heightened sense of well-being and health.