4 Lower Body Exercises You Can Do At Home


We hope you have been enjoying your upper body exercises at home. This week we are focusing on the lower body with a series of exercises designed to increase strength and movement.

As with the upper body exercises, THE BIG QUESTION is how many repetitions and sets do I do?

The answer is as many as you can handle and as many as you see fit — ideally, 10-15 reps, 1-2 sets and 1-2 times per day.

It is more important to focus on proper technique and good form to maximise the effectiveness of the exercises and to keep them safe. The good news is that if you focus on proper technique and form, you can get away with fewer reps, and the results will be more rewarding.

The Lower Limb

Walking Lunge – take a controlled step forward with one leg, lowering your hips towards the floor by bending both knees to a ninety-degree angle. The back knee should point towards but not touch the ground. Repeat the step by bringing the back leg forward into a forward step. Repeat by measuring a walk or go back and forth to complete repetitions. To add resistance, add hand weights, hold some cans of food of equal weight or fill up a water bottle.

Double Leg Squat – spread your legs at shoulder width and slowly lower your body while bending your knees until your body and your legs are perpendicular ninety-degrees to each other. You can use the wall as feedback while you’re performing the downward movement, make contact with your bottom and the wall, and then come back upwards. Again, you can add resistance by holding an object of safe weight. If you have a theraband, place it around your knees and push out against it as you are performing the squat.

Gluteal Bridges – laying down on your back with both your legs bent, push through your heels and feet to bring the bottom off the floor. Make sure you reach a “triple extension” which means a straight back, straight bottom and straight upper thigh, the legs remain bent while in your bridge. Again, add resistance by placing a band around the knee and push out while you are at the end of the bridge.

Crab Walks – place a band around the feet* and move into a mini-squat position. Once there push your right leg out against the band and step to the side. When you there, bring your left leg towards the right and regain your original position. Aim to walk around 5-10m per repetition.

*Band around the feet is optimal gluteal activation. If you wish to achieve more of a leg burn, place the band around the thigh or the knees while performing the crab walk.

Remember, take breaks between working at your home desk and looking at your computer. Perform your stretches, complete your exercises, and don’t forget to go for a walk. Remember that the more time we sit, the more likely we are to feel uncomfortable and tight.

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Should you have specific injuries or concerns, please make an appointment, and we can design an exercise program just for you!

Next time, we’ll focus on exercises for the core and increasing fitness with cardio. Until then, stay fit, stay well, and stay safe.