With experienced, qualified staff and a modern facility located in Mascot, our physiotherapy services come highly recommended. Whether you’re an athlete and require constant attention, or you’re struggling with a work or other injury, make a booking at Excel Physiotherapy. Our Physios and sports therapists are experts in dealing with a wide range of injuries and conditions that require treatment and put you on the road to recovery.


  Our services are available to anyone living in Sydney, young or old, male or female. Whether you live in the CBD, in Alexandria, Beaconsfield, Rosebery or even Botany, our physio is here to make you feel at home. We are easily accessible and are proud to offer a wide range of services and products to treat your pain and ensure optimum healing. The physiotherapy and other discipline experts are here to improve your overall wellbeing whether it be through massage therapy, yoga, Pilates or even acupuncture. Feel rejuvenated with the help of the team at Excel Physiotherapy. Contact us today to start your journey.

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thumb physio PhysiotherapyBased on over 100 years of scientific research and development, Physiotherapy is the tried and trusted approach to injury and posture-related conditions.At Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness we treat first and then provide the tools to support your recovery and beyond. MORE
thumb massage therapy PhysiotherapyWe offer a wide range of massages that provide healing or relaxation. Massages provide a variety of benefits, some of which we are not even aware of. It may feel like the benefits are just physical, but there are emotional and mental advantages as well. From sports injuries and pregnancy discomfort to daily stress and general aches, we have treatments to remedy your ailments. View our range of massages.
thumb pilates PhysiotherapyPilates was designed and developed by Joseph Pilates to sculpt toned bodies around the world. For many years, women and men have taken advantage of the benefits that Pilates provides. In just a few weeks, you’ll feel and see the difference. But the ultimate goal is that your lifestyle changes. Many people appreciate this form of exercise as you can see results without the strenuous workout and increased heart rate. Whether you’re new to this regime or you’re a seasoned pro, book a session today or read more about it if you’re still unsure.
thumb health wellness PhysiotherapyWe know that you’re unique, and so are your fitness goals. When youtrain with us, our exercise-based solutions are tailored to you. An excellent treatment that originated from China, acupuncture and dry needling methods target specific areas on your body to achieve overall wellness and balance. This holistic approach to body healing may seem daunting, as you may be apprehensive about the use of needles, but we assure you that acupuncture and dry needling are safe, natural procedures. One of the best benefits of these treatments is that they require no medication, so if you’re after natural healing, this is the perfect treatment for you. Learn more about these treatments.
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We’re very pleased to bring you our 5th issue of Excel Life. Learn the benefits of Protein Supplements, as well as one-on-one Yoga and Pilates. We also feature the 3 primary exercises for a pain-free back Plus so much more!
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Our Facilities

A comfortable waiting room, private treatment rooms, sunny, green courtyard, an organic health food store, spacious rehabilitation studio with change room facilities, and a versatile exercise studio.

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Exercise Classes

Our multidisciplinary team of experiences practitioners listen to your individual needs. We work as one to meet your health needs, today and in the future.

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An excellent treatment that originated from China, acupuncture and dry needling methods target specific areas on your body to achieve overall wellness and balance.